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Glasstronaut Windshield Repair

The Future of Glass Repair Has Landed

Why choose repair?

  • Costs much less than windshield replacement, and provides a great looking result that prevents damage from spreading
  • Saves time — the process is fast and can be performed while you wait
  • Saves the environment —  laminated glass is not recyclable
  • Retains the windshield’s factory bond
  • Accepted and endorsed by many insurance companies

So if you’re stuck between a rock chip and a hard place, call Glasstronaut Windshield Repair!


Why Choose Glasstronaut Windshield Repair

Not only will you drive away with a high quality looking repair that will keep the damage from expanding; but your interaction with Russell will be enjoyable.

GlasWeld Certified Master Technician

Same day mobile service available

Give Russell a call or text @ (541) 321-0269 and I’ll come to you in the Bend, OR area.

Lifetime warranty on repairs

I am responsible for the workmanship and cost of repair.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

GlasWeld certified master technician

I achieved a certification with the leading manufacturer in glass repair in order to learn the foundations of rock chip repair as well as advanced techniques to help tackle anything that comes my way.

Uses the highest quality materials in the industry to guarantee your satisfaction

The award-winning injectors from GlasWeld use ProVac technology to ensure air is never reintroduced during the whole process giving you the best repair possible.

GlasWeld’s resin is formulated for maximum clarity and strength. Which in fact, is on average 34% stronger than other leading brands; 15% higher than the runner up and as much as 45% than one leading well known brand.


Glasstronaut Windshield Repair

Russell Risenhoover started Glasstronaut Windshield Repair LLC in 2021 while working as an account manager for GlasWeld, who’s considered the top glass repair tool and resin manufacturer in the world.

When starting at GlasWeld, Russell was put through a certification program from day one to be able to help his clients use the tools the correct way. This also ensured they were giving their customers the best repair possible. Given that, you can be confident in Russell’s dedication to high quality work on your vehicle. To this day, Russell still works for GlasWeld while maintaining his Glasstronaut Windshield Repair business.

Russell is an enthusiastic, dependable, trustworthy, and easygoing individual who values his customers. Aside from staying committed to providing high quality services, he also strives to create an atmosphere of positivity during his interactions with others.


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Specializes in rock chips the size of a quarter or smaller